One: A disquisitive mind.

Hello all, welcome to my new project – my ‘Moonlight Disquisitions’ blog. If you’re curious about the discordant name, a disquisition is a detailed examination of a subject. One of those archaic words you rarely see in this day and age; till you’re delving into old essays on Immanuel Kant or Adam Smith and someone wants to put across how detailed, complex and thorough their work is – but say that in one word…. One long single word sure … that the writer in question is anything but sparing in their own prose.

Ironically, my intent on this blog is to do the opposite as much as possible. Another way you can use the word is to state one is disquisitive – one who examines, who probes. This carries more weight on the act of study and reflection than of producing long dissertations. I think I have a disquisitive mind, I hope I can keep the entries here valuable and insightful – but succinct.

Why the moonlight? Because I am a lifelong insomniac. I’m not one for nightmares and such, but I do have a hyperactive mind, and a day job which doesn’t challenge me nearly enough. Over the last few years I have done well in getting an average 6 to 7 hours a night’s sleep through taking a shower before bed, drinking less alcohol than I once did – and employing rain sounds or sleep hypnosis tapes over my smart devices. I also try to get in regular exercise. If I didn’t have these coping mechanisms I would likely run on four hours a night fairly regularly, and would feel all the worse for it. The essays I’m intending to fill this site with are ‘Moonlight disquisitions’ as they’re often the result of the thoughts that come to me at night. While I have no doubt there will be a certain family resemblance to my other child, Tales of History and Imagination – plenty of historical allusions, a leaning towards literary quotes. Occasionally some reference to some economic or scientific knowledge that found me at 2am one morning when, try as I might, I just can’t drift back off to sleep, yet. I intend to make this collection more personal, and generally more grounded in the here and now. If anything is likely to get a disquisition perhaps the subject, ultimately, is me?

Welcome to my personal blog.

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